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Montseny Natural Park

The Montseny mountain mass sketches one of the most iconic silhouettes in the Vallès Oriental. Declared a Biosphere reserve, its vegetation is a mosaic of Mediterranean and Central European landscapes located just a stone’s throw from large cities.

Mountain and hiking lovers surely know that the massif is made of three clusters of mountains: the ridge of Turó de l’Home and Les Agudes (1,706 and 1,703 m), Matagalls (1,697 m) and Pla de la Calma (Puig Drau, 1,344 m). They are all joined by the hills of St. Marçal and Collformic, respectively, and are easily reached for hikes and walks.

Within the boundaries of the nature park we can also find tiny, charming villages featuring excellent cuisine, ideal for recharging your batteries. Campins, Fogars de Montclús, the town of Montseny itself or La Costa del Montseny are just a few examples.

For hiking, we suggest you check out the websites  or, where you will find information on the park’s most important and emblematic locales. There is also information on different activities related to nature, the environment and its heritage. The hiking trails have differing degrees of difficulty according to your skills. In general, experiencing the park is a different way of seeking and finding tranquillity in an outstanding natural setting which just invites you to let go of all your cares.

There is also a variety of accommodations, from campsites to hotels, as well as wonderful authentic country homes, all of which will help make your visit unforgettable.

UNESCO stated it Biosphere Reserve the year 1978.

Centre d'Informació - Montseny

Plaça de la Vila, 7 · 08469 Montseny
T. 938 473 137

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Centre d'Informació - Sant Esteve de Palautordera

Ctra. de Montseny, cantonada Àngel Guimerà s/n · 08461 Sant Esteve de Palautordera
T. 938 482 008

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Centre d'Informació - Santa Fe del Montseny

Ctra. de Sant Celoni a Viladrau, km 21 · 08470 Fogars de Montclús
T. 938 475 113

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Parc Natural (PN) del Montseny

Ctra. de Sant Celoni al Turó de l'Home, km 10,8 · 08470 Fogars de Montclús
T. 93 847 51 02

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Image gallery

Nature of the Vallès Oriental: roots near Santa Fe´s swamp N.P Montseny, Manel Cuesta
Nature of the Vallès Oriental: view of the Tagamanent, Manel Cuesta
Nature of the Vallès Oriental: a Montseny´s valley, Manel Cuesta
Nature of Vallès Oriental: Santa Fe´s swamp, Manel Cuesta
Nature of Vallès Oriental: old wooden observatory of the Turó de l´Home, Manel Cuesta
Nature of Vallès Oriental: ethnological museum ca l´Agustí in the flat calm


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